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 Hitachi ZX200-3 hydraulic pump hydraulic pump adjustment whole process 2021-7-30
  Hitachi brand excavators, as a good machine masterpiece respected by the majority of owners, have been in the sales rankings for many years, and their powerful operation performance and breatht ...
 Common Fault of Excavator Hydraulic Parts Noise 2021-2-24
Excavate Machine Maintenance Hydraulic Components Excavate Frequent Fault with Noise.The repair of the old car repaired by the excavator is to repair the assembly, components and parts removed from th ...
 Excavator maintenance of several hydraulic parts common noise and failure 2021-2-24
Excavator maintenance of several hydraulic parts common noise and failureThe overflow valve is easy to produce a high frequency noise, mainly caused by the performance of the pilot valve and unstable ...
 Check and measure the working process of excavator maintenance machine oil pressure and processing technical scheme 2021-2-23
The work flow and treatment of excavator maintenance oil pressure check, determination and technical schemeDig and check to see if the warning lights are on. Excavator repair excavator is manual at fi ...
 Komatsu PC200-8, PC200LC-8 excavator fault code 2021-2-23
[989L00] Engine Controller Lock Warning 1133[989M00] Engine Controller Lock Warning 2133[989N00] Engine Controller Lock Warning 3133[AA10NX] Air filter clogged 134[AB00KE] Low charging voltage 134[B@B ...
 Komatsu PC (8) eight machine fault code series 2021-2-23
[989L00] Engine Controller Lock Warning 1[989M00] Engine Controller Lock Warning 2[989N00] Engine Controller Lock Warning 3[AA10NX] Air filter blocked[AB00KE] Low charging voltage[B@BAZG] Low oil pres ...
 PC200-7 Fault Code Service Code 2021-2-22
E101 fault history abnormalE112 wiper motor drive forward rotation system short circuitE113 wiper motor drive reverse system short circuitE114 spray washer drive circuit short circuitE201 travel linka ...
 Hitachi excavator fault code 2021-2-20
1100-2 engine speed is abnormal11101-3 High pressure sensor of engine speed control knob is abnormal11101-4 Low pressure sensor of engine speed control knob is abnormal11200-3 Abnormal high pressure o ...
 Excavator summer and how to maintain the 11 guidelines to comply with 2021-2-20
How to maintain the excavator in summerMaintenance excavator The first hydraulic excavator was invented successfully by the French Poclane factory. Because of the application of hydraulic technology, ...
 How to overcome the shaking problem of excavator? 2021-2-20
As we all know, the wheel type is because of the excavator we said, now China has a considerable market share, whether in the mountainous area or a plain area, there are a lot of people have their sam ...
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