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 Hitachi excavator fault code 2021-2-20
1100-2 engine speed is abnormal11101-3 High pressure sensor of engine speed control knob is abnormal11101-4 Low pressure sensor of engine speed control knob is abnormal11200-3 Abnormal high pressure o ...
 Excavator summer and how to maintain the 11 guidelines to comply with 2021-2-20
How to maintain the excavator in summerMaintenance excavator The first hydraulic excavator was invented successfully by the French Poclane factory. Because of the application of hydraulic technology, ...
 How to overcome the shaking problem of excavator? 2021-2-20
As we all know, the wheel type is because of the excavator we said, now China has a considerable market share, whether in the mountainous area or a plain area, there are a lot of people have their sam ...
 The four most practical maintenance methods of excavator maintenance 2021-2-19
At first, the excavator is manual. It has been more than one hundred and thirty years since the invention. During the period, it has experienced the gradual development process of the steam-driven buc ...
 Introduction of 10 techniques of hydraulic maintenance of excavator 2021-2-19
The essential thing to open an excavator is the daily maintenance and maintenance of faults. Before, I learned that many excavator masters do not know how to solve some common failures. Here, I sort o ...
 Inspection method of hydraulic excavator 2021-2-9
In the analysis of fault inspection, supervision and inspection should be carried out in accordance with the principle of "easy before difficult" and "outside before inside". The s ...
 Hitachi excavator ECM sensor system fault code failure 2021-2-8
Abnormal Camshaft Angle Sensor 636-2 (No signal) Although the crank signal appears, the CAM signal does not appear.Excavators | excavator maintenance repair636-2 Camshaft Angle Sensor Abnormal (Signal ...
 Why will excavator caterpillar drop chain? 2021-1-28
7 reasons to quickly understand why excavators derailed?In order to quickly solve the excavator track derailment, the first thing to do is to find the cause of the fault, so that the remedy can be app ...
 How to maintain the rainy day excavator? 2021-1-28
  The weather is getting warmer and the rain is getting more and more. So what should the excavator pay attention to in the rainy day? The following is a summary of four points for attention.1. T ...
 Introduction to excavator operation: the role of each part of the excavator 2021-1-27
  Many people want to learn to operate an excavator, but they feel very complicated, worried about whether they can learn, hesitant, in fact, as long as they learn step by step and carefully, the ...
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