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Strictly control oil, water, and air, and the excavator can completely get rid of malfunctions

Author:Weston Gao Date:2021-8-19

1.Strictly control the first pass: oil


  Whether it is hydraulic oil, diesel, engine oil, gear oil, although they perform their duties, the ultimate goal is for the machine to run well, so clean oil is the most basic requirement!


  The first thing to do is not to add inferior oil, and there must be no impurities, dust and water in the diesel! Especially for the current expensive EFIs, if the fuel is not clean, the fuel injectors, fuel pumps, etc. will be damaged to varying degrees. In severe cases, they may even cause premature wear of the engine and cause irreversible serious losses!


The second is the choice of oil label. The environment occupies a large part of the factor. For example, in winter, everyone should change the engine oil and hydraulic oil to the correct label in advance, and do not mix oil products of different brands during the replacement process, otherwise they will not be used. Additives will cause great damage to the machine after chemical reaction, and the gain is not worth the loss!

2.Strictly control the second level: water


Regardless of the giant excavator, it seems that it has nothing to do with water. In fact, water may fill every tiny corner. The first point is to strictly control the water in diesel and diesel tanks. Careful old drivers will work every day after taking a break. Fill the fuel tank with fuel to prevent water droplets from rusting on the inner wall of the fuel tank; open the drain valve at the bottom of the fuel tank to drain water before daily operations.


   Do not use well water, mineral water, or distilled water as the cooling water! To calculate an account for everyone, using mineral water to replace the coolant only saves the money for replacing the maintenance products, and the cost to be paid may be the overhaul, replacement and downtime caused by the damage of the accessories!


When lubricating butter, be careful not to enter the water after the rain, rain and snow melt. If you usually work in poor environments such as pools, ponds, swamps, etc., you must always pay attention to sewage not to enter the rotary turntable, otherwise it will be expensive Maintenance fees will definitely shrink everyone's wallet!

3.Strictly control the third level: air


   said that this third level is the most difficult and the most difficult to control! Yes, the air is permeated around the machine, which can neither be captured nor purified, but the filter element is an effective way for everyone to solve the air problem!


Therefore, important guards such as air filter or air conditioning filter to block impurities in the air, in addition to replacing them on time according to the maintenance cycle, you can usually observe whether it is covered with dust. You can manually knock the dust or use high-pressure gas to remove the dust. The way to solve the problem outside!



In a word, the behemoth excavator also needs careful attention. As a companion who is with you all day long, as long as we strictly maintain the maintenance and firmly control the oil, water and air, most of the fault problems will be eliminated immediately, saving money and saving money. Downtime for maintenance.

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