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Komatsu PC200-8, PC200LC-8 excavator fault code

Author:Lanye Wang Date:2021-2-23

[989L00] Engine Controller Lock Warning 1133

[989M00] Engine Controller Lock Warning 2133

[989N00] Engine Controller Lock Warning 3133

[AA10NX] Air filter clogged 134

[AB00KE] Low charging voltage 134

[B@BAZG] Low oil pressure 136

[B@BAZK] Engine oil level is 136 low

[B@BCNS] Engine coolant overheating 136

[B@BCZK] Engine cooling liquid level is 137 low

[B@HANS] Hydraulic oil overheating 137

[CA111] EMC Critical Internal Failure 138

[CA115] Engine NE and BKUP speed sensors fault 138

[CA122] Inflatable Pressure Sensor High Pressure Fault 138

[CA123] Low pressure fault of inflation pressure sensor 140

[CA131] Throttle Sensor High Pressure Fault 141

[CA132] Throttle Sensor Low Pressure Fault 142

[CA144] Coolant temperature sensor high pressure failure 143

[CA145] Low pressure fault of coolant temperature sensor 144

[CA153] High pressure fault of inflatable temperature sensor 145

[CA154] Low pressure fault of inflatable temperature sensor

[CA155] The charging temperature drops at high speed 148

[CA187] Sensor Power Supply 2 Low Voltage Fault 148

[CA221] Environmental Pressure Sensor High Pressure Fault 149

[CA222] Environmental Pressure Sensor Low Pressure Fault 151

[CA227] Sensor Power Supply 2 Voltage High Fault 152

[CA234] Engine overspeed 152

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