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 CAT 349, 352 new excavator parameters detailed, higher technology 2021-1-22
  The CAT 349 comes with 2D CAT gradient control (CAT 349 is standard), which provides visual guidance to the operator through a touch-screen display for slope control for more accurate operation ...
 Electronic Control Engine Troubleshooting Considerations 2019-11-15
 (1) Whether the engine is running or not, the ECU, sensor and actuator must never be disconnected, as long as the ignition switch is turned ON. Due to the self-inductance of any coil, a high ins ...
 7 Points to Pay Attention to Purchasing Volvo Excavator Parts 2019-10-18
In order to choose the most suitable excavator parts, we must have a command of the products and be professional when we purchase the excavator parts. Volvo excavator ranks the top of the world. The m ...
 BICES 2013—2013 Beijing International Construction Machinery Exhibition & Seminar 2013-6-10
BICES 201312th Beijing International Construction Machinery Exhibition & SeminarTime: Oct 15th to 18th, 2013Venue: Beijing Jiuhua International Exhibition CenterOrganizer: China Construction Machi ...
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