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Hot sale komatsu excavator controller of SINOCMP

Author:CMP Date:2016-7-10

Excavator controller is one of most hot sale part for CMP. It is also called control panel, control unit, control board, ecu, and vecu. We sell Komtasu controller, Hitachi controller, Kobelco controller, Volvo ecu and vecu, Hyundai excavator controller, sumitomo controller, and Daewoo controller. Komatsu controller nearly take 25%.
For most of excavators, there are engine controller and hydraulic controllers including komatsu conrollers.The hot sale komatsu excavator controller of CMP includes: 
Name part number
komatsu engine controller PC200-5 7824-32-1100
komatsu controller PC200-6 7834-21-6000
komatsu controller,controller PC200-7 7835-26-1006
komatsu pump controller PC200-8 7835-46-1000

Note:The part numbers for the same excavators are also different, but if the excavator model is same, the controller can be used for each other.

The controller needs to be tested prior to the installation in order to avoid Short circuit. The Mechanic should have the professional knowledge to repair the controllers.It is so important, so that the controller needs to be carefully protected when the excavator is running. 

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