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Hitachi EX200 Hydraulic Pump Parts to Replace

Author: Date:2018-8-1

Hydraulic pump is a very important parts for Hitachi EX200 excavators that including ex200-2 ex200-3 ex200-5. If the hydraulic pump is damaged, the replacement of the entire hydraulic pump is costly, but it can achieve normal use by replacing damaged parts with lower cost.


There are many replacing parts from SINOCMP for Hitachi EX200 hydraulic pumps, including: Servo Piston, Servo Piston Pin, Head CoverValve Plate (R), Snap Ring, Bolt of Valve Plate, Rotor, Link of Valve Plate, Pin of Link, Coil Spring, Piston, Feed Back Lever, Valve Plate (L), Center Pin, Pin of Center Pin, Drive Shaft (R), Drive Shaft (L), Lock Nut, Pin of Feed Back-A, Pin of Feed Back-B. The part numbers for these pumps are as follow: (HPV116HPV145HPVO91DW, HPVO91EW, HPVO50, HPVO102, HPVO105, HPVO118, and HPVO135).

IMG_4886.jpg IMG_4944.jpgIMG_7785.jpg

Except EX200-2/3/5 series hydraulic pump parts, there are also hydraulic pump parts for other brands of excavators such as Komatsu, Kobelco, and Caterpillar, etc. The hot sales pumps parts include: HPV90, HPV95HPV140HPV165, H3V63BDT&112BDT, PVH98, PVH131, PVH131, PVE35, PVE47, etc.

Our hydraulic pump parts are of 
good quality and made in Korea. All of them are genuine HANDOK parts. If you have any requirements, please provide a damaged hydraulic pump number or diagram with parts list. Contact us for more information now!

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