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5 Tips When Purchasing YN35V00048F1 Solenoid Valve

Author: Date:2019-5-6

YN35V00048F1, the part number of Kobelco solenoid valve. It applied to Kobelco construction machinery, including SK200-8, SK170-8, SK210-8, etc. It is being in great demand as a suitable solenoid valve product with a variety of models. Please notice following tips before your purchase:

1. Is the part number on the solenoid valve yn35v00048f1 or KDRDE5K-31/30C50-122?

In fact, we can see the label on the solenoid valve --- KDRDE5K-31 30C50-122. As we all know, the Kobelco's hydraulic pump mainly uses Kawasaki, so its original is Kawasaki. KDRDE5K-31/30C50-122 is the part number of Kawasaki. Because Kobelco does not produce solenoid valve, the solenoid valve has only the part number of Kawasaki, so you can find the  Kobelco number based on the Kawasaki part number. We have the Kawasaki number table corresponding to the Kobelco solenoid valve. If any needs, please click here.

2, (How many solenoid valves does one excavator have?) How many solenoid need to replace?

Generally, there are eight solenoid valves on the hydraulic pump. You need to check if all 8 solenoid valves are broken. Please refer to following drawing:


Among the picture: 601-35v00048f1, 602-yn35v00049f1, 701-yn35v00050F1, 702-yn35v00051f1. A hydraulic pump needs three 601, three 701, one 702, and one 602 included. So we have to pay attention to which part number to replace.

3, The original or the deputy factory?

The original Kawasaki solenoid valve is very expensive, at least $400. If you buy the original product, there is a huge cost pressure. Generally speaking, the solenoid valve of the deputy factory is around $70, and the quality can be guaranteed. If the purchase amount is large, a certain discount can be given. If you want to buy a good quality solenoid valve at a low price, you can choose the deputy factory product, you can choose us!

4. Is the quality of the deputy factory product bad?

The production process of the deputy factory has been relatively mature. And generally provide a warranty of at least 6 months. This is unmatched by original product manufacturers. But there are many manufacturers and the quality is uneven. One of the important features is that the price of products with poor quality is also very cheap. Therefore, when choosing a product, you must choose a reputable manufacturer.

5, what should I do if I buy the wrong one?

Some customers have limited technical strength and cannot judge the part number of their products. Some customers even mistake the different types of drawings and buy the solenoid valves that are wrong with other machines. At this time, we need to carefully study which solenoid valve is needed and figure out the part number. Because the shipping cost of general international procurement is relatively expensive, if you sell it wrong, it will cause you a big loss. In particular, some manufacturers do not provide quality assurance, so that you have no complaints.

The above are the five problems to be paid attention to when purchasing the yn35v00048f1 solenoid valve. I hope it will help you when you purchase the solenoid valve. It is important to note that the warranty is very important. Don't look at the cheap product and place an order. Because of the small loss, it is not worth the loss.

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